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Our founder, Sky Epperson, has thousands of horse and mustang experiences. He thought he was a good trainer, successfully helping many domestic horses and mustangs. But then, he was paired with two horses, Crime and Pesado (Yes, he agreed to help a horse named Crime). Here, he realized that traditional methods weren’t working. By luck, circumstance, karma, and/or the grace of God he was introduced to Brain-Based Horsemanship. Now, he wants to help adopters and mustangs have successful adoptions and lifelong partnerships. Brain-Based Horsemanship will allow a partnership of mustang and human self(down)-regulation.

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Successful Mustang Adoption and helping humans and mustangs have better relationships.


In the early 1970’s, The US government protected America’s Horse, The Mustang, and put them under the control of the Bureau of Land Management, BLM. Under the BLM, Horse Management Areas (HMAs) were created with established quotas to allow a certain number of horses on each HMA. This quota allowed for just over 26,000 Mustangs on BLM controlled federal lands in 11 Western States. Unfortunately, due to a variety of causes and legal policies, there are now over 80,000 Mustangs on the Range. Regular round-ups each year gather Mustangs off the HMAs to protect the horses and other wildlife from overgrazing and the overuse of precious water resources. The BLM allows for adoption of these gathered horses, but round up numbers are outpacing adoptions. In addition to the Mustangs on the HMAs, there are now 60,000 plus Mustangs in short and long-term holding facilities. These problems are further impacted by failed adoptions and rumors that Mustangs are difficult to own.

Mustangs are not difficult if you know the right technique to help them; Brain-Based Horsemanship. The Mustang Adoption Academy Foundation is here to facilitate the expansion of Brain-Based Mustang Adoptions – exactly what these great horses need! Mustangs gentled with Brain-Based Horsemanship advance to work in a variety of disciplines including trail riding, therapy, western sports, dressage, equitation, endurance racing, and more. Basically, anything that any other horse can do, a mustang can do. Lots of them even become fun-loving, high-demand pocket horses.

The mustang’s natural habitat has necessitated inherent adaptability, intelligence, and hardiness that make it “America’s Horse”. Currently, this beloved animal is at a crisis point and needs help to ensure survival.

This brings up many questions regarding these beautiful creatures, such as; What will happen if adoptions do not speed up and start to outpace the mustangs being gathered off the HMA’s? How long will our government continue to pay out huge dollars for the care of mustangs in holding? How long will HMAs be allowed to be continually overpopulated?

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“I adopted a Mustang… now what???”

Many people and organizations promote Mustang adoption, but do nothing to ensure that adoption’s success. Adopters become scared and fail to complete the adoption. Some adoptions are even disastrous and end so badly that the mustang ends up in the “kill pen.” Through extensive study and practice, we at the Mustang Adoption Academy Foundation have found the path to mustang adoption success: Brain-Based Horsemanship. Our nonprofit foundation helps owners and their Mustang friends successfully navigate lifetime partnership. The journey doesn’t end with adoption papers and delivery, but continues with online and in-person demos, clinics, online courses, and one-on-one support.


Adopt a Gentled Mustang from the Mustang Adoption Academy Foundation located at The Triple E Ranch in Haubstadt, IN. Working with the BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation as an approved TIP trainer, we aid gentled-Mustang adoptions ($125 through the BLM). A Mustang gentled at the Mustang Adoption Academy Foundation will meet program requirements of haltering, leading, loading into a trailer, and reception to grooming. Additionally, our Brain-Based Horsemanship training teaches the mustang strategies to down-regulate. As a government-run program, the BLM offers no guarantee of the long-term continuance of this program and we are clearly at a critical point. The Mustang Adoption Academy Foundation at The Triple E Ranch facilitates adoptions one mustang at a time using Brain-Based Horsemanship. By helping those who have found themselves at the realization of “now what?,” we hope to not only continue this good work, but also extend it regionally and nationally.


The Mustang Heritage Trainer Incentive Program has placed over 16,000 animals and has trainers located in 40 states. We are happy to say that the Mustang Adoption Academy founder, Sky Epperson, is a certified trainer. He is ready, not only to help train mustangs and place them with adopters, but also to help set the adopters up for success with their horses!

What We Need

  • We must feed the mustangs.

  • We continually must maintain and grow our facilities to help more Mustangs and their adopters.

  • We must find and help others that may have the gift of helping the masses learn Brain-Based Mustang Adoption

  • We must travel and do more clinics and demonstrations promoting our Brain-Based Horsemanship.

  • We must continue our work with organizations that help people, like our veterans,and other folks with trauma. If they can see a mustang’s brain changing, they can see their own lives changing for the better.

  • We also have continual care, like vet, chiropractic, massage, and medicine. There are always the dreaded administrative expenses that all organizations hate as well, insurances, etc.

  • All of this takes donations from good-hearted folks like you.

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